SB6 Marriage News! Paris Gig!! Caption Competition Winner!!!

Happy Days!


Congratulations are in the air! We thought it was time to let you know that Laila and Nick are getting married next year, after a whirlwind 10-year courtship! If you didn't already know they were an…

Caption Competition! Germany Dates!! Acoustic Set In Stroud!!!

Well now!

Just got off a phone call sorting artwork, videos and some other stuff for the new record. We’re digging in our heels and doing it for ourselves. Like sisters.


We’ve got some awesome art concepts and…

And The New Drummer Is...! Bearded Theory!! Blogs Ahoy!!!

Greetings earthlings!


Last week we announced the departure of Neil 'Macca' McMinn, whose talent and versatility on the kit has always been a vital part of the SB6 sound. Today, we're looking into the future with the…

Goodbye To SB6 Founder Member Neil 'Macca' McMinn!

Well now!

We've, quite justifiably, been asked a ton of questions recently about what's been going on behind the scenes at SB6 HQ. Where is the album? Why the radio silence? Who is that strange man on drums on last…

We Got 99 Problems but a Pledge Ain't One. LET'S PARTY!


Ta very much! At the time of writing, we've hit 105% on our Pledgemusic campaign, thanks to the kindness and support of you guys (and a protracted personal email campaign that's kept me up for much of the…