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"By taking ska, pop, grime, dubstep, punk and metal apart, then rebuilding them as a hyperactive hybrid, Sonic Boom Six demand attention." Kerrang!

Having toured the world for the last two decades, Sonic Boom Six took the turbulent times of the lost lockdown years to take a deep breath, watch, and create. The band will emerge from the rubble of culture and politics in 2023 with RE:Generation, a new compilation of their material from the last decade plus two brand-new tracks. 

Lead single ‘Future Shock’ drops with quite literally a Boom - the band’s signature mix of heroically heavy riffs with dancefloor-ready grooves serves up their horror at the increasingly polarised warzone of social media discourse. New song ‘One Of The Boys' skewers the old boy’s network that has dominated British politics for as long as we care to remember over a mash-up of ska-punk and bass music. Throw in road-tested anthems like ‘Virus’, and ‘No Man No Right’ and we have a record that celebrates the band’s remarkable journey while continuing their artistic evolution.

Moreover, in October 2023, Sonic Boom Six are set to inspire a renewed sense of enthusiasm among their fans as they take their electrifying performances to stages across the country for the RE:Generation tour. SB6 is back to remind us once again that music has the extraordinary ability to touch our souls, unite us as a community, and pave the way for a brighter future. 

RE:Generation Tour October 2023 
w/ DJ Matt Stocks + Supports 
Tickets: Sonic Boom Six Seetickets 

11th Bristol Exchange 
12th Nottingham Rough Trade 
13th Birmingham Sunflower Lounge 
14th Manchester Retro 
15th London Colours 

Sonic Boom Six is an explosive and outspoken five-piece described as "taking ska, pop, grime, dubstep, punk and metal apart, then rebuilding them as a hyperactive hybrid" (Kerrang! Magazine). With a live show infamous for "clashing activism and good times", SB6's legendary gigs are a party that started in Manchester, UK, transcending genres and connecting people from all walks of life. The Boom’s influences include The Specials, The Streets, Rage Against The Machine and The Fugees

Sonic Boom Six has released five studio albums, one mini-album and two full-length compilations with countless singles, EPs and compilation appearances. SB6 has performed headline tours of Europe, Japan and the US (including the 2016 Vans Warped Tour) as well as slots at festivals including Glastonbury, Download, Sonisphere and the main stage at Reading and Leeds Festival. Sonic Boom Six has written and performed songs that have appeared on BBC Radio 1, Channel 4, BBC 2 (TV), Rock Band and Sims 3 video games, and much more.


"Proudly Political super-pop from Manchester"
- Q (Oct 31st 2012)

"A bonkers blend of punk, ska and hip-hop worthy of an outing at a house party that has the potential to get out of hand."
- Nuts (Oct 2012)

"On their self-titled fourth album, the Manchester crossover collective have excelled themselves. Almost every track here is a breathless whiz of high-octane ingenuity, flitting between ska, punk and electronica".
David McLaughlin Kerrang!!  (Oct 18th, 2011)

"Above all, 'Sonic Boom Six' is the sound of a band going hard when everyone else has gone home, and this is simply banger after banger"
Tom Aylott, Rock Sound (Sept 27th 2011)

"Sonic Boom Six pack an entire festival's worth of genres into their set. By taking ska, pop, grime, dubstep, punk and metal apart, then rebuilding them as a hyperactive hybrid they certainly grab attention. With the English Defence League on the streets and David Cameron making curious comments about multiculturalism, the positive energy rush these Manc street preachers inspire isn't just Day-Glo fun, but also a necessary reminder to tear down the walls of prejudice."
- Ashley Maile, Kerrang! (Apr 06, 2011)
"Sharp of mind and socially-conscious, there's nothing about Sonic Boom Six that doesn't come from the heart. Their shiny punk reggae hip-hop sound addresses real issues with a more productive vibe than these riot-strewn streets have seen recently, and tonight, they're
on fire"
- Steve Beebee, Kerrang! (Jan 12, 2011)
"They’re one of the most truly stimulating live bands ever to whip an apathetic crowd into devotion, and their grassroots army of support stands testament to that. What’s more, their billing is a victory and inspiration for everyone who writes songs with their mates and dreams of something better"
- Ben Patashnik, NME, Going Underground (Aug 22, 2009)